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ok … aopdapwodkapw xD I can’t avoid this XDD

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Anonymous: How is Home Evilnomics so far? 

Oh my Goodness, Home Evilnomics is actually not that bad. Of course, I wasn’t actually able to turn the goat nor the bunny evil but I tried my best, without magical powers of evilness! I even took in the rabbit and Gala adores her! I named her Pippin. She is the cutest thing. And my evil plant is being a royal pain! But I’ve passed so far, so all is well!

I only wished that Darling Raven would have actually continued Princessology, considering I’m doing Home Evilnomics!

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Reblog if I’m allowed to send you in character asks even if we have never talked before.

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  • don’t ever feel bad for asking me to tag a trigger
  • i do not care what the trigger is
  • i will tag it for you
  • you have legitimate reasons to be triggered by it
  • and i am not one to question those reasons
  • so just send me an ask
  • anonymous if you’re scared
  • and i will tag it all the time in future
  • your wellbeing is worth twenty extra seconds of my time at least
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# I thought you were talking about me for a moment considering my name is Sarah XD


DMMd - Live-Action Fancast
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Tumblr Day

What is?

The 5th March everyone will draw or have a “t” on a place where everyone can see it (hands, face, t-shirts or everything you prefer) and when we will go out if anyone see it we will hug eachother and interchange our urls, so after if we want we can keep being in touch.

Who can do it?

Everyone that have a Tumblr. Yes even hipsters, porn and anything else blog. 

Why the 5th March?

I don’t know an anon said it but i think it’s a good date.

So reblog this guys and let’s make it happens!


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idk #5

this one is for Maddy, featuring Tenley and Avian going Unicorn Hunting in the forest and one surprises them.


"Tenley!" Avian whispered excitedly, staring at the sight before them in the Forest. The creature was majestic, a lean but imposing stature, the horn a long sharp spear, curling in on itself until it ended at a point. The stark white coat was legendary, but the colour of purity was familiar enough and it was wondrous sight. All the girl wanted to do was reach out and touch the white mane. Would it be soft silk underneath her fingers or a mangled mess of rough hair?

The Unicorn seemed to have finally noticed them and trained it’s eyes upon the duo, not moving. Tenley figured it would prance away, but instead the sound of crunching grass and hooves filled in the silence. Soon enough, it appeared in front of her. It sniffed at the air around her with regal essence before looking at her expectantly, as if awaiting for her to do something.

With a soft tentativeness, she reached out and placed her hand on it’s muzzle and gasped. The Unicorn surprised her, licking her with a rough tongue. Avian just watched before laughing, the sound cutting through the air like glass and she laughed as well.

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If you’re a roleplayer and you have Skype




Mutual followers are free to ask for my skype ovo

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